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Definitions of ‘map’ map (noun) Synonyms: chart Associated words: cartography, cartographer, chorography, chorographer, atlas, hachure, contour line, culture map (verb) […]

Dictionary December 12, 2023 December 12, 2023 atlas, cartographer, cartography, chart, chorographer, chorography, contour line, culture, delineate, hachure, noun, picture, plan, sketch, verb

Definitions of ‘maneuver’ maneuver (noun) Synonyms: management, ruse, stratagem, artifice, trick, finesse maneuver (verb) Synonyms: scheme, finesse, plan

Dictionary December 10, 2023 December 10, 2023 artifice, finesse, management, noun, plan, ruse, scheme, stratagem, trick, verb

Definitions of ‘intention’ intention (noun) Synonyms: design, plan, purpose, aim

Dictionary November 9, 2023 November 9, 2023 aim, design, noun, plan, purpose

Definitions of ‘intend’ intend (verb) Synonyms: design, purpose, propose, contemplate, plan

Dictionary November 9, 2023 November 9, 2023 contemplate, design, plan, propose, purpose, verb

Definitions of ‘game’ game (noun) Synonyms: play, amusement, pastime, diversion, fun, sport, contest, prey, quarry, scheme, plan, project, undertaking, enterprise, […]

Dictionary September 27, 2023 September 27, 2023 amusement, contest, diversion, enterprise, fun, noun, pastime, plan, play, prey, project, quarry, scheme, sport, stratagem, undertaking

Definitions of ‘frame’ frame (verb) Synonyms: devise, plan, contrive, compose, invent, fabricate, adjust, fit, conform

Dictionary September 20, 2023 September 20, 2023 adjust, compose, conform, contrive, devise, fabricate, fit, invent, plan, verb

Definitions of ‘figure’ figure (noun) Synonyms: shape, form, outline, tournure, conformation, image, effigy, statue, bust, figurehead, likeness, numeral, digit, number, […]

Dictionary September 7, 2023 September 7, 2023 atlantes, bust, calculate, caryatid, cipher, compute, conformation, conspicuousness, contrive, dash, diagram, digit, drawing, effigy, emblem, figurehead, figurine, form, image, likeness, noun, number, numeral, outline, plan, represent, scheme, shape, show, statue, symbol, symbolize, telamones, tournure, type, typify, verb

Definitions of ‘design’ design (noun) Synonyms: sketch, draught, outline, plan, scheme, intention, purpose, project, intent, aim Associated words: teleology, teleologist, […]

Dictionary July 23, 2023 July 23, 2023 aim, draught, intent, intention, noun, outline, plan, project, purpose, scheme, sketch, teleological, teleologist, teleology

Definitions of ‘contrive’ contrive (verb) Synonyms: devise, concoct, invent, excogitate, scheme, plan

Dictionary July 1, 2023 July 1, 2023 concoct, devise, excogitate, invent, plan, scheme, verb

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concoct, devise, excogitate, invent, plan, scheme, verb
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