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Definitions of ‘gash’ gash (verb) Synonyms: slash, incise gash (noun) Synonyms: incision, slash

Dictionary September 27, 2023 September 27, 2023 incise, incision, noun, slash, verb

Definitions of ‘cut’ cut (verb) Synonyms: gash, slash, hew, crop, reap, mow, lop, prune, clip, shear, whittle, shave, trim, detruncate, […]

Dictionary July 14, 2023 July 14, 2023 amputate, bisect, carve, chamfer, chamfret, chase, chisel, cleave, clip, crop, curtail, defile, detruncate, dissect, dock, engraving, exscind, fashion, fell, gash, groove, hew, ignoration, incise, incision, kerf, knurl, lance, lop, mode, mow, notch, noun, nurl, passage, piece, prune, razee, reap, sarcasm, score, shave, shear, slash, slice, slight, slit, style, taunt, trim, verb, whittle, wound

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