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Definitions of ‘portion’ portion (noun) Synonyms: part, section, piece, allotment, quota, share, contingent, inheritance, dowry

Dictionary February 10, 2024 February 10, 2024 allotment, contingent, dowry, inheritance, noun, part, piece, quota, section, share

Definitions of ‘part’ part (noun) Synonyms: portion, fraction, division, piece, constituent, installment, element, section, subdivision, quarter, region, district, share, portion, […]

Dictionary January 23, 2024 January 23, 2024 allot, allotment, apportion, assignment, chapter, character, clause, constituent, detach, disconnect, dissever, dissociate, distribute, district, disunite, divide, division, duty, element, fraction, function, installment, intervene, lot, mete out, noun, paragraph, participation, passage, piece, portion, quarter, region, rôle, section, separate, sever, share, subdivision, sunder, verb

Definitions of ‘parcel’ parcel (noun) Synonyms: bundle, package, collection, lot, tract, plot, piece

Dictionary January 22, 2024 January 22, 2024 bundle, collection, lot, noun, package, piece, plot, tract

Definitions of ‘fragment’ fragment (noun) Synonyms: remnant, chip, scrap, flinder, piece, flitter

Dictionary September 20, 2023 September 20, 2023 chip, flinder, flitter, noun, piece, remnant, scrap

Definitions of ‘cut’ cut (verb) Synonyms: gash, slash, hew, crop, reap, mow, lop, prune, clip, shear, whittle, shave, trim, detruncate, […]

Dictionary July 14, 2023 July 14, 2023 amputate, bisect, carve, chamfer, chamfret, chase, chisel, cleave, clip, crop, curtail, defile, detruncate, dissect, dock, engraving, exscind, fashion, fell, gash, groove, hew, ignoration, incise, incision, kerf, knurl, lance, lop, mode, mow, notch, noun, nurl, passage, piece, prune, razee, reap, sarcasm, score, shave, shear, slash, slice, slight, slit, style, taunt, trim, verb, whittle, wound

Definitions of ‘article’ article (noun) Synonyms: thing, commodity, portion, clause, stipulation, detail, item, contribution, piece, essay, feature

Dictionary May 1, 2023 May 1, 2023 clause, commodity, contribution, detail, essay, feature, item, noun, piece, portion, stipulation, thing

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clause, commodity, contribution, detail, essay, feature, item, noun, piece, portion, stipulation, thing
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