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Definitions of ‘right’ right (adjective) Synonyms: [[just]], [[true]], equitable, [[honest]], rightful, [[lawful]], [[correct]], [[true]], [[accurate]], [[reasonable]], ethical, condign, [[appropriate]], [[proper]], […]

Dictionary March 15, 2024 March 15, 2024 accurate, adjective, appropriate, aretology, auspicious, authority, casuistry, claim, condign, consistent, correct, deontology, dexter, dextral, dextrorse, emend, equitable, equity, ethical, ethics, ethology, exemption, favorable, fortunate, honest, immunity, integrity, just, justice, lawful, make restitution, morality, noun, prerogative, privilege, probity, proper, propriety, reasonable, rectify, rectitude, redress, relevant, rightful, seemly, suitable, title, true, uprightness, verb, virtue

Definitions of ‘rectitude’ rectitude (noun) Synonyms: probity, integrity, [[uprightness]], [[honesty]], [[virtue]]

Dictionary March 1, 2024 March 1, 2024 honesty, integrity, noun, probity, uprightness, virtue

Definitions of ‘honor’ honor (noun) Synonyms: respect, esteem, veneration, reverence, deference, homage, probity, integrity, magnanimity, uprightness, chastity, decency, virtue, modesty, […]

Dictionary October 21, 2023 October 21, 2023 chastity, decency, deference, dignify, distinction, elevate, eminence, esteem, exalt, excellency, fame, glory, homage, integrity, magnanimity, modesty, noun, pride, probity, respect, revere, reverence, uprightness, venerate, veneration, verb, virtue

Definitions of ‘honesty’ honesty (noun) Synonyms: uprightness, probity, integrity, candor, sincerity, rectitude

Dictionary October 21, 2023 October 21, 2023 candor, integrity, noun, probity, rectitude, sincerity, uprightness

Definitions of ‘fidelity’ fidelity (noun) Synonyms: loyalty, fealty, faithfulness, truth, integrity Antonyms: infidelity, faithlessness

Dictionary September 6, 2023 September 6, 2023 faithfulness, fealty, integrity, loyalty, noun, truth

Definitions of ‘excellence’ excellence (noun) Synonyms: preëminence, transcendence, superiority, eminence, integrity, probity, goodness, worth, merit, virtue

Dictionary August 24, 2023 August 24, 2023 eminence, goodness, integrity, merit, noun, preëminence, probity, superiority, transcendence, virtue, worth

Definitions of ‘entirety’ entirety (noun) Synonyms: completeness, integrity, totality, wholeness

Dictionary August 20, 2023 August 20, 2023 completeness, integrity, noun, totality, wholeness

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completeness, integrity, noun, totality, wholeness
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