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Definitions of ‘suitable’ suitable (adjective) Synonyms: [[fitting]], accordant, [[proper]], [[becoming]], congruous, consistent, congruent

Dictionary May 16, 2024 May 16, 2024 accordant, adjective, becoming, congruent, congruous, consistent, fitting, proper

Definitions of ‘seemly’ seemly (adjective) Synonyms: [[becoming]], [[suitable]], [[proper]], [[appropriate]], [[meet]], [[befitting]]

Dictionary April 2, 2024 April 2, 2024 adjective, appropriate, becoming, befitting, meet, proper, suitable

Definitions of ‘right’ right (adjective) Synonyms: [[just]], [[true]], equitable, [[honest]], rightful, [[lawful]], [[correct]], [[true]], [[accurate]], [[reasonable]], ethical, condign, [[appropriate]], [[proper]], […]

Dictionary March 15, 2024 March 15, 2024 accurate, adjective, appropriate, aretology, auspicious, authority, casuistry, claim, condign, consistent, correct, deontology, dexter, dextral, dextrorse, emend, equitable, equity, ethical, ethics, ethology, exemption, favorable, fortunate, honest, immunity, integrity, just, justice, lawful, make restitution, morality, noun, prerogative, privilege, probity, proper, propriety, reasonable, rectify, rectitude, redress, relevant, rightful, seemly, suitable, title, true, uprightness, verb, virtue

Definitions of ‘pertinent’ pertinent (adjective) Synonyms: relevant, apposite, applicable, proper Antonyms: impertinent, irrelevant

Dictionary January 31, 2024 January 31, 2024 adjective, applicable, apposite, proper, relevant

Definitions of ‘meet’ meet (verb) Synonyms: encounter, confront, collide, converge, engage, intercept, assemble, congregate, convene, collect, muster, agree, harmonize, unite, […]

Dictionary December 17, 2023 December 17, 2023 adjective, agree, appropriate, assemble, befitting, collect, collide, confront, congregate, convene, converge, encounter, engage, equal, fulfill, harmonize, intercept, match, muster, proper, satisfy, seemly, suitable, unite, verb

Definitions of ‘just’ just (adjective) Synonyms: upright, honest, conscientious, honorable, straightforward, condign, merited, deserved, due, reasonable, conscionable, equitable, fair, unbiased, […]

Dictionary November 17, 2023 November 17, 2023 accurate, adjective, adverb, almost, appropriate, barely, closely, condign, conscientious, conscionable, deserved, due, equitable, exact, exactly, fair, honest, honorable, impartial correct, merited, nearly, only, precisely, proper, reasonable, scarcely, straightforward, unbiased, unjust, upright

Definitions of ‘fitting’ fitting (adjective) Synonyms: suitable, proper, fit, befitting

Dictionary September 9, 2023 September 9, 2023 adjective, befitting, fit, proper, suitable

Definitions of ‘fit’ fit (noun) Synonyms: spasm, paroxysm, convulsion, access, outburst, attack, epilepsy, catalepsy, humor, whim, caprice, fancy fit (adjective) […]

Dictionary September 9, 2023 September 9, 2023 access, accommodate, adapt, adequate, adjective, adjust, apposite, appropriate, apt, attack, becoming, befitting, caprice, catalepsy, competent, congruent, congruous, convenient, convulsion, eligible, epilepsy, equip, expedient, fancy, humor, meet, noun, outburst, paroxysm, prepare, proper, qualified, qualify, shape, spasm, suitable, trim, verb, whim

Definitions of ‘due’ due (adjective) Synonyms: payable, unpaid, appropriate, becoming, proper, regular, appointed, owing, ascribable due (noun) Synonyms: debt, duty, […]

Dictionary August 11, 2023 August 11, 2023 adjective, appointed, appropriate, ascribable, becoming, debt, duty, noun, owing, payable, proper, regular, right, unpaid

Definitions of ‘befitting’ befitting (adjective) Synonyms: suitable, proper, becoming, appropriate, seemly, meet, applicable, congruous

Dictionary May 13, 2023 May 13, 2023 adjective, applicable, appropriate, becoming, congruous, meet, proper, seemly, suitable

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adjective, applicable, appropriate, becoming, congruous, meet, proper, seemly, suitable
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