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Definitions of ‘suit’ suit (noun) Synonyms: [[wooing]], courtship, addresses, prosecution, action, [[lawsuit]], [[retinue]], [[suite]], [[petition]], [[solicitation]], entreaty, [[request]] Associated words: […]

Dictionary May 16, 2024 May 16, 2024 accord, action, adapt, addresses, adjust, agree, champerty, comport, courtship, entreaty, fit, gratify, lawsuit, maintenance, noun, petition, please, prosecution, request, retinue, satisfy, solicitation, suite, verb, wooing

Definitions of ‘set’ set (verb) Synonyms: [[place]], put, fix, [[establish]], locate, [[station]], adjust, regulate, [[adapt]], [[oppose]], [[obstruct]], [[appoint]], [[assign]] set […]

Dictionary April 6, 2024 April 6, 2024 adapt, adjective, adjust, appoint, appointed, assign, band, circle, class, clique, company, coterie, establish, established, firm, fix, fixed, group, immovable, inflexible, locate, noun, obstinate, obstruct, oppose, ordained, party, place, prescribed, put, regular, regulate, rigid, station, uniform, unyielding, verb

Definitions of ‘naturalize’ naturalize (verb) Synonyms: familiarize, accustom, habituate, acclimatize, adapt, acclimate

Dictionary January 2, 2024 January 2, 2024 acclimate, acclimatize, accustom, adapt, familiarize, habituate, verb

Definitions of ‘modulate’ modulate (verb) Synonyms: inflect, harmonize, attune, adjust, adapt

Dictionary December 25, 2023 December 25, 2023 adapt, adjust, attune, harmonize, inflect, verb

Definitions of ‘match’ match (noun) Synonyms: tally, mate, equal, peer, contest, competition, tournament, tourney, lucifer match, locofoco match (verb) Synonyms: […]

Dictionary December 14, 2023 December 14, 2023 adapt, be proportionate, combine, competition, comport, contend, contest, cope with, correspond, couple, equal, fit, harmonize, join, locofoco, lucifer match, mate, noun, oppose, peer, pit, proportion, rival, sort, tally, tournament, tourney, verb

Definitions of ‘level’ level (adjective) Synonyms: even, flat, plain, smooth, flush, plumb, horizontal, steady, impartial, well-balanced Antonyms: undulating uneven, concave, […]

Dictionary November 28, 2023 November 28, 2023 adapt, adjective, adjust, demolish, equalize, even, flat, flatten, flush, horizontal, impartial, overthrow, plain, plumb, raze, reduce, smooth, steady, verb, well-balanced

Definitions of ‘fit’ fit (noun) Synonyms: spasm, paroxysm, convulsion, access, outburst, attack, epilepsy, catalepsy, humor, whim, caprice, fancy fit (adjective) […]

Dictionary September 9, 2023 September 9, 2023 access, accommodate, adapt, adequate, adjective, adjust, apposite, appropriate, apt, attack, becoming, befitting, caprice, catalepsy, competent, congruent, congruous, convenient, convulsion, eligible, epilepsy, equip, expedient, fancy, humor, meet, noun, outburst, paroxysm, prepare, proper, qualified, qualify, shape, spasm, suitable, trim, verb, whim

Definitions of ‘accommodate’ accommodate (verb) Synonyms: adapt, conform, adjust, oblige, favor

Dictionary April 15, 2023 April 15, 2023 adapt, adjust, conform, favor, oblige, verb

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adapt, adjust, conform, favor, oblige, verb
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