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Definitions of ‘strain’ strain (verb) Synonyms: [[stretch]], [[tighten]], sprain, wrench, [[percolate]], [[filter]], defecate, filtrate, overtask, overwork strain (noun) Synonyms: [[pedigree]], […]

Dictionary May 11, 2024 May 11, 2024 defecate, effort, extraction, filter, filtrate, intension, kind, lineage, manner, melody, noun, overexertion, overtask, overwork, pedigree, percolate, race, sort, sprain, stretch, style, tension, tighten, tune, verb, wrench

Definitions of ‘species’ species (noun) Synonyms: [[group]], [[class]], [[kind]], brood, [[sort]], [[variety]]

Dictionary April 29, 2024 April 29, 2024 brood, class, group, kind, noun, sort, variety

Definitions of ‘quality’ quality (noun) Synonyms: [[nature]], [[character]], [[sort]], [[strain]], [[condition]], [[characteristic]], [[peculiarity]], trait, [[property]], [[attribute]], attribution, [[accident]], high rank, […]

Dictionary February 20, 2024 February 20, 2024 accident, aristocracy, attribute, attribution, character, characteristic, condition, gentry, high rank, nature, nobility, noun, peculiarity, property, sort, strain, trait

Definitions of ‘nature’ nature (noun) Synonyms: creation, universe, cosmos, world, kind, sort, character, quality, species, disposition, mood, temper, essence, constitution […]

Dictionary January 2, 2024 January 2, 2024 character, connatural, connaturalness, constitution, cosmos, creation, disposition, essence, kind, mood, noun, physiogony, physiography, quality, sort, species, temper, universe, world

Definitions of ‘match’ match (noun) Synonyms: tally, mate, equal, peer, contest, competition, tournament, tourney, lucifer match, locofoco match (verb) Synonyms: […]

Dictionary December 14, 2023 December 14, 2023 adapt, be proportionate, combine, competition, comport, contend, contest, cope with, correspond, couple, equal, fit, harmonize, join, locofoco, lucifer match, mate, noun, oppose, peer, pit, proportion, rival, sort, tally, tournament, tourney, verb

Definitions of ‘manner’ manner (noun) Synonyms: mode, method, style, fashion, way, bearing, demeanor, mien, air, carriage, deportment, mannerism, affectation, peculiarity, […]

Dictionary December 11, 2023 December 11, 2023 affectation, air, bearing, carriage, civility, courtesy, demeanor, deportment, fashion, kind, mannerism, method, mien, mode, noun, peculiarity, plural, politeness, sort, style, way

Definitions of ‘kind’ kind (adjective) Synonyms: indulgent, compassionate, merciful, lenient, clement, benignant, gracious, benevolent, kind-hearted, forbearing, benign, beneficent, humane, obliging […]

Dictionary November 19, 2023 November 19, 2023 adjective, beneficent, benevolent, benign, benignant, breed, character, clement, compassionate, description, forbearing, genre, genus, gracious, humane, indulgent, kidney, kind-hearted, lenient, merciful, nature, noun, obliging, sort, species, strain, style, variety

Definitions of ‘kidney’ kidney (noun) Associated words: nephrology, nephrotomy, nephritis, renal, emunctory, nephritic, loins, reins kidney (noun) Synonyms: sort, kind, […]

Dictionary November 19, 2023 November 19, 2023 disposition, emunctory, kind, loins, nephritic, nephritis, nephrology, nephrotomy, noun, reins, renal, sort, variety

Definitions of ‘description’ description (noun) Synonyms: delineation, depiction, portrayal, class, species, sort, character

Dictionary July 23, 2023 July 23, 2023 character, class, delineation, depiction, noun, portrayal, sort, species

Definitions of ‘breed’ breed (verb) Synonyms: beget, generate, procreate, engender, conceive and bear, nurture, train, occasion, originate, engender breed (noun) […]

Dictionary May 28, 2023 May 28, 2023 beget, class, conceive and bear, engender, extraction, family, generate, kind, lineage, noun, nurture, occasion, originate, pedigree, procreate, race, sort, strain, train, variety, verb

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beget, class, conceive and bear, engender, extraction, family, generate, kind, lineage, noun, nurture, occasion, originate, pedigree, procreate, race, sort, strain, train, variety, verb
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