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Definitions of ‘plain’ plain (noun) Synonyms: prairie, field, savanna, pampas, steppe, llano, champaign, campagna, heath, moor, camass, downs, tundra, veldt, […]

Dictionary February 5, 2024 February 5, 2024 absolute, adjective, adverb, apparent, artless, austere, bluntly, camass, campagna, candidly, champaign, direct, distinct, distinctly, downs, even, evident, explicit, explicitly, field, flat, frugal, heath, homely, ingenuous, level, llano, manifest, mere, moor, noun, obvious, outspoken, palpable, pampas, patent, peneplain, plainly, plane, prairie, savanna, severe, simple, smooth, steppe, tundra, unadorned, unaffected, uncomely, undesigning, unembellished, unfigured, ungarnished, unmistakable, unreserved, untrimmed, unvaried, veldt

Definitions of ‘mangle’ mangle (verb) Synonyms: mutilate, maim, dismember, hack, smooth, calender

Dictionary December 10, 2023 December 10, 2023 calender, dismember, hack, maim, mutilate, smooth, verb

Definitions of ‘level’ level (adjective) Synonyms: even, flat, plain, smooth, flush, plumb, horizontal, steady, impartial, well-balanced Antonyms: undulating uneven, concave, […]

Dictionary November 28, 2023 November 28, 2023 adapt, adjective, adjust, demolish, equalize, even, flat, flatten, flush, horizontal, impartial, overthrow, plain, plumb, raze, reduce, smooth, steady, verb, well-balanced

Definitions of ‘iron’ iron (verb) Synonyms: smooth, mangle iron (noun) Synonyms: cast iron, wrought iron, pig iron, spiegel iron Associated […]

Dictionary November 12, 2023 November 12, 2023 anneal, billet, carbon, cast iron, ferriferous, ferrous, forge, founder, foundry, ironbound, ironmaster, ironmonger, ironmongery, ironsmith, ironware, irony, larget, malleable, manganese, mangle, metallurgist, metallurgy, noun, ore, pig iron, pyrites, shadrach, siderite, siderognost, siderotechny, siderurgical, siderurgy, smelt, smeltery, smooth, speiss, spiegel iron, verb, wrought iron

Definitions of ‘glib’ glib (adjective) Synonyms: smooth, slippery, fluent, voluble, bland, oily

Dictionary October 1, 2023 October 1, 2023 adjective, bland, fluent, oily, slippery, smooth, voluble

Definitions of ‘flat’ flat (adjective) Synonyms: level, even, plane, smooth, prostrate, prone, stale, insipid, vapid, tasteless, unsavory, unpalatable, mawkish, peremptory, […]

Dictionary September 10, 2023 September 10, 2023 adjective, champaign, even, floor, insipid, level, lowland, mawkish, noun, peremptory, plane, positive, prone, prostrate, smooth, sonant, spatulate, spatulous, stale, suite, tasteless, unpalatable, unqualified, unsavory, vapid, vocal

Definitions of ‘face’ face (noun) Synonyms: countenance, visage, physiognomy, features, front, exterior, obverse, facet, effrontery, confidence, assurance, audacity, impudence Associated […]

Dictionary August 28, 2023 August 28, 2023 assurance, audacity, bluff, bully, complexion, confidence, confront, cosmetic, countenance, domino, dress, effrontery, exterior, facet, facial, features, front, grimace, impudence, Janus-faced, lineament, maskoid, meet, multifaced, noun, obverse, physiognomist, physiognomy, plane, profile, rouge, silhouette, smirk, smooth, veneer, verb, visage

Definitions of ‘even’ even (adjective) Synonyms: plane, level, flush, flat, smooth, equable, uniform, unvarying

Dictionary August 23, 2023 August 23, 2023 adjective, equable, flat, flush, level, plane, smooth, uniform, unvarying

Definitions of ‘easy’ easy (adjective) Synonyms: facile, slight, comfortable, untroubled, quiet, tranquil, gullible, facile, credulous, submissive, compliant, tractable, affluent, independent, […]

Dictionary August 13, 2023 August 13, 2023 adjective, affluent, comfortable, compliant, credulous, facile, fluent, gullible, independent, quiet, slight, smooth, submissive, tractable, tranquil, unconstrained, untroubled

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adjective, affluent, comfortable, compliant, credulous, facile, fluent, gullible, independent, quiet, slight, smooth, submissive, tractable, tranquil, unconstrained, untroubled
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