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Definitions of ‘spread’ spread (verb) Synonyms: [[extend]], [[stretch]], [[expand]], [[dilate]], unfurl, [[unroll]], [[open]], disseminate, [[bruit]], [[circulate]], propagate, promulgate, [[diffuse]], emit, […]

Dictionary May 3, 2024 May 3, 2024 bruit, circulate, cover, diffuse, dilate, disseminate, emit, expand, expatiate, extend, mantle, open, overspread, promulgate, propagate, stretch, suffuse, unfurl, unroll, verb

Definitions of ‘pending’ pending (adjective) Synonyms: unresolved, undecided, unsettled, unconcluded, uncertain, awaiting decision, awaiting action, undetermined, open, hanging fire, in […]

Dictionary January 27, 2024 January 27, 2024 adjective, awaiting, awaiting action, awaiting attention, awaiting decision, before, hanging fire, in abeyance, in limbo, in reserve, in the air, in the balance, incomplete, left, not done, on ice, ongoing, open, outstanding, preposition, remaining, till, to be done, unattended to, uncertain, unconcluded, undecided, undetermined, undone, unfinished, unresolved, unsettled, until, until there is, waiting for

Definitions of ‘moderate’ moderate (verb) Synonyms: temper, appease, diminish, mitigate, reduce moderate (adjective) Synonyms: sparing, temperate, frugal, reasonable, calm, deliberate, […]

Dictionary December 25, 2023 December 25, 2023 adjective, appease, calm, clement, deliberate, diminish, frugal, mediocre medium, mild, mitigate, open, reasonable, reduce, sparing, temper, temperate, verb

Definitions of ‘clear’ clear (adjective) Synonyms: transparent, diaphanous, pellucid, limpid, relucent, crystalline, lucid, crystal, unmistakable, plain, evident, obvious, unambiguous, distinct, […]

Dictionary June 16, 2023 June 16, 2023 absolve, acquit, acquitted, adjective, audible, canorous, clarified, clarify, clarion, cloudless, comprehensible, crystal, crystalline, decipherable, diaphanous, disengage, disentangle, disperse, distinct, eclaircise, elucidate, evident, exempt, exonerate, explain, explicit, express, extricate, graphic, in full, interpret, limpid, lucid, manifest, net, obvious, open, palpable, passable, patent, pellucid, piercing, plain, pure, relucent, resonant, serene, sonorous, transparent, unadulterated, unalloyed, unambiguous, unburdened, unclouded, undimmed, unimpeded, unmistakable, unmixed, unobstructed, verb, vindicate

Definitions of ‘blast’ blast (noun) Synonyms: squall, gust, peal, blare, clang, explosion, discharge blast (verb) Synonyms: blight, destroy, frustrate, ruin, […]

Dictionary May 19, 2023 May 19, 2023 blare, blight, clang, destroy, discharge, explode, explosion, frustrate, gust, noun, open, peal, rend, ruin, squall, verb

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blare, blight, clang, destroy, discharge, explode, explosion, frustrate, gust, noun, open, peal, rend, ruin, squall, verb
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