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Definitions of ‘prevent’ prevent (verb) Synonyms: thwart, hinder, obstruct, preclude, obviate, forestall, intercept, avert, parry, deter, frustrate

Dictionary February 13, 2024 February 13, 2024 avert, deter, forestall, frustrate, hinder, intercept, obstruct, obviate, parry, preclude, thwart, verb

Definitions of ‘foil’ foil (verb) Synonyms: baffle, frustrate, thwart, circumvent

Dictionary September 14, 2023 September 14, 2023 baffle, circumvent, frustrate, thwart, verb

Definitions of ‘disappoint’ disappoint (verb) Synonyms: dissatisfy, frustrate, balk, foil, baffle, defeat

Dictionary July 28, 2023 July 28, 2023 baffle, balk, defeat, dissatisfy, foil, frustrate, verb

Definitions of ‘defeat’ defeat (noun) Synonyms: repulse, overthrow, vanquishment, foil, rout, frustration, disappointment defeat (verb) Synonyms: conquer, vanquish, repulse, discomfit, […]

Dictionary July 19, 2023 July 19, 2023 balk, checkmate, conquer, disappointment, discomfit, foil, frustrate, frustration, noun, outwit, overthrow, repulse, rout, vanquish, vanquishment, verb

Definitions of ‘cross’ cross (noun) Synonyms: crucifix, rood, gibbet, rebated cross, gammadion, fylfot, saltire, swastika, cross bottony Associated words: crucify, […]

Dictionary July 9, 2023 July 9, 2023 adjective, adverse, athwart, baffle, baffling, cancel, captious, choleric, churlish, consignation, contrary, crabbed, crantara, cross bottony, crucial, cruciate, crucifer, crucifier, crucifix, crucifixion, cruciform, crucify, crucigerous, crusty, cynical, foil, fractious, fretful, frustrate, fylfot, gammadion, gibbet, hybrid, hybridize, ill-natured, inaffable, interbreed, interchanged, intercross, intersect, intersecting, inverse, irascible acrimonious, irritable, limmer, mongrel, morose, noun, peevish, perverse, petulant, querulous, rebated cross, rood, run counter to, saltire, sullen, surly, swastika, thwart, touchy, transverse, traverse, unamiable, verb, vexillum, vixenish, waspish

Definitions of ‘counteract’ counteract (verb) Synonyms: defeat, frustrate, contravene, neutralize

Dictionary July 4, 2023 July 4, 2023 contravene, defeat, frustrate, neutralize, verb

Definitions of ‘blight’ blight (verb) Synonyms: blast, ruin, frustrate, fowart

Dictionary May 20, 2023 May 20, 2023 blast, fowart, frustrate, ruin, verb

Definitions of ‘blast’ blast (noun) Synonyms: squall, gust, peal, blare, clang, explosion, discharge blast (verb) Synonyms: blight, destroy, frustrate, ruin, […]

Dictionary May 19, 2023 May 19, 2023 blare, blight, clang, destroy, discharge, explode, explosion, frustrate, gust, noun, open, peal, rend, ruin, squall, verb

Definitions of ‘balk’ balk (verb) Synonyms: frustrate, baffle, foil, thwart, disappoint, jib

Dictionary May 8, 2023 May 8, 2023 baffle, disappoint, foil, frustrate, jib, thwart, verb

Definitions of ‘baffle’ baffle (verb) Synonyms: foil, balk, checkmate, disconcert, frustrate, thwart, circumvent, nonplus

Dictionary May 8, 2023 May 8, 2023 balk, checkmate, circumvent, disconcert, foil, frustrate, nonplus, thwart, verb

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balk, checkmate, circumvent, disconcert, foil, frustrate, nonplus, thwart, verb
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