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Definitions of ‘mumpish’ mumpish (adjective) Sulky, sullen, silent, depressed. Examples of the adjective mumpish in a sentence: Despite the sunny […]

Dictionary December 30, 2023 February 13, 2024 adjective, irritable, moody, morose, peevish, querulous, sulky, sullen, unamiable

Definitions of ‘harsh’ harsh (adjective) Synonyms: inharmonious, rough, disagreeable, unpleasant, raucous, dissonant, strident, discordant, cacophonous, austere, morose, severe, ungracious, inurbane, […]

Dictionary October 15, 2023 October 15, 2023 acrid, acrimonious, adjective, austere, bluff, blunt, brusque, cacophonous, caustic, churlish, disagreeable, discordant, discourteous, dissonant, inharmonious, inurbane, morose, raucous, repulsive, rough, severe, strident, uncivil, ungracious, unpleasant

Definitions of ‘grum’ grum (adjective) Synonyms: morose, surly, sour, glum, guttural, low, rumbling

Dictionary October 9, 2023 October 9, 2023 adjective, glum, guttural, low, morose, rumbling, sour, surly

Definitions of ‘glum’ glum (adjective) Synonyms: moody, dumpish, sullen, sulky, morose, sour

Dictionary October 2, 2023 October 2, 2023 adjective, dumpish, moody, morose, sour, sulky, sullen

Definitions of ‘gloomy’ gloomy (adjective) Synonyms: dark, dismal, obscure, dim, shaded, lowering, overcast, lurid, melancholy, dejected, sad, despondent, pessimistic, disheartened, […]

Dictionary October 2, 2023 October 2, 2023 adjective, crestfallen, dark, dejected, depressing, despondent, dim, discouraging, disheartened, disheartening, dismal, glum, lowering, lurid, melancholy, morose, obscure, overcast, pessimistic, sad, saturnine, shaded

Definitions of ‘doggish’ doggish (adjective) Synonyms: surly, sullen, churlish, cynical, morose

Dictionary August 5, 2023 August 5, 2023 adjective, churlish, cynical, morose, sullen, surly

Definitions of ‘cross’ cross (noun) Synonyms: crucifix, rood, gibbet, rebated cross, gammadion, fylfot, saltire, swastika, cross bottony Associated words: crucify, […]

Dictionary July 9, 2023 July 9, 2023 adjective, adverse, athwart, baffle, baffling, cancel, captious, choleric, churlish, consignation, contrary, crabbed, crantara, cross bottony, crucial, cruciate, crucifer, crucifier, crucifix, crucifixion, cruciform, crucify, crucigerous, crusty, cynical, foil, fractious, fretful, frustrate, fylfot, gammadion, gibbet, hybrid, hybridize, ill-natured, inaffable, interbreed, interchanged, intercross, intersect, intersecting, inverse, irascible acrimonious, irritable, limmer, mongrel, morose, noun, peevish, perverse, petulant, querulous, rebated cross, rood, run counter to, saltire, sullen, surly, swastika, thwart, touchy, transverse, traverse, unamiable, verb, vexillum, vixenish, waspish

Definitions of ‘churlish’ churlish (adjective) Synonyms: boorish, rude, morose, unamiable

Dictionary June 15, 2023 June 15, 2023 adjective, boorish, morose, rude, unamiable

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adjective, boorish, morose, rude, unamiable
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