Definitions of ‘mumpish’

mumpish (adjective)

Sulky, sullen, silent, depressed.

Examples of the adjective mumpish in a sentence:

  • Despite the sunny weather, Sarah’s mumpish demeanor cast a shadow over the picnic, leaving everyone wondering what had dampened her spirits.
  • The child’s mumpish attitude towards sharing toys with his classmates led to some strained friendships in the kindergarten.
  • As the rain continued to pour outside, Mark couldn’t shake off his mumpish mood, making the gloomy weather even more palpable.
  • Linda’s colleagues were surprised by her usually mumpish response during the team meeting, as she was known for her cheerful and collaborative nature.
  • The professor’s mumpish reaction to the students’ questions left the classroom in an awkward silence, making it clear that he was not in the mood for inquiries.


moody, sullen, morose, sulky, unamiable, peevish, irritable, querulous


cheerful, amiable, affable, genial, content, optimistic, pleasant, agreeable

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