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Definitions of ‘specific’ specific (adjective) Synonyms: [[definite]], [[precise]], specified, [[characteristic]], [[particular]], [[special]]

Dictionary April 29, 2024 April 29, 2024 adjective, characteristic, definite, particular, precise, special, specified

Definitions of ‘special’ special (adjective) Synonyms: [[particular]], [[especial]], [[specific]], exceptional

Dictionary April 29, 2024 April 29, 2024 adjective, especial, exceptional, particular, specific

Definitions of ‘single’ single (adjective) Synonyms: individual, alone, [[particular]], [[isolated]], [[sporadic]], [[solitary]], [[unmarried]], celibate, [[simple]], unmixed, [[honest]], [[sincere]], ingenuous, [[frank]] […]

Dictionary April 16, 2024 April 16, 2024 adjective, alone, celibate, choose, frank, honest, individual, ingenuous, isolate, isolated, particular, segregate, select, separate, simple, sincere, single out, solitary, sporadic, unmarried, unmixed, verb

Definitions of ‘scrupulous’ scrupulous (adjective) Synonyms: [[conscientious]], [[exact]], [[strict]], punctilious, [[particular]]

Dictionary March 30, 2024 March 30, 2024 adjective, conscientious, exact, particular, punctilious, strict

Definitions of ‘respective’ respective (adjective) Synonyms: [[relative]], [[particular]], [[own]]

Dictionary March 10, 2024 March 10, 2024 adjective, own, particular, relative

Definitions of ‘respect’ respect (noun) Synonyms: [[care]], [[caution]], [[regard]], [[esteem]], [[veneration]], deference, [[reverence]], [[homage]], obeisance, reference, [[regard]], [[particular]], [[feature]] Antonyms: […]

Dictionary March 10, 2024 March 10, 2024 care, caution, deference, esteem, feature, homage, honor, noun, obeisance, particular, reference, regard, revere, reverence, venerate, veneration, verb

Definitions of ‘relative’ relative (adjective) Synonyms: relating, referring, respecting, pertaining, [[particular]], [[definite]], [[specific]], [[pertinent]] relative (noun) Synonyms: [[relation]], [[kinsman]], kinswoman, […]

Dictionary March 4, 2024 March 4, 2024 adjective, agnate, cognate, connection, definite, kinsman, kinswoman, nepotic, nepotism, nepotist, noun, particular, pertaining, pertinent, referring, relating, relation, respecting, specific

Definitions of ‘precise’ precise (adjective) Synonyms: exact, formal, punctilious, particular, prim, prudish

Dictionary February 13, 2024 February 13, 2024 adjective, exact, formal, particular, prim, prudish, punctilious

Definitions of ‘peculiar’ peculiar (adjective) Synonyms: individual, personal, particular, singular, eccentric, erratic, queer, odd, exceptional, unique, bizarre, grotesque, nondescript, unusual, […]

Dictionary January 26, 2024 January 26, 2024 adjective, bizarre, eccentric, erratic, exceptional, grotesque, individual, nondescript, odd, particular, personal, queer, singular, unconventional, unique, unusual

Definitions of ‘painstaking’ painstaking (adjective) Synonyms: diligent, particular, precise, scrupulous Antonyms: slovenly, negligent

Dictionary January 21, 2024 January 21, 2024 adjective, diligent, particular, precise, scrupulous

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adjective, diligent, particular, precise, scrupulous
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