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Definitions of ‘honest’ honest (adjective) Synonyms: honorable, reputable, upright, sincere, guileless, ingenuous, incorruptible

Dictionary October 21, 2023 October 21, 2023 adjective, guileless, honorable, incorruptible, ingenuous, reputable, sincere, upright

Definitions of ‘hearty’ hearty (adjective) Synonyms: cordial, heartfelt, sincere, healthy, robust, hale, nourishing, nutritious

Dictionary October 17, 2023 October 17, 2023 adjective, cordial, hale, healthy, heartfelt, nourishing, nutritious, robust, sincere

Definitions of ‘guileless’ guileless (adjective) Synonyms: innocent, artless, sincere, undesigning, ingenuous

Dictionary October 10, 2023 October 10, 2023 adjective, artless, ingenuous, innocent, sincere, undesigning

Definitions of ‘genuine’ genuine (adjective) Synonyms: authentic, veritable, sterling, unmixed, real, pure, sincere, heartfelt, unaffected Antonyms: spurious, counterfeit, false, supposititious, […]

Dictionary September 28, 2023 September 28, 2023 adjective, authentic, heartfelt, pure, real, sincere, sterling, unaffected, unmixed, veritable

Definitions of ‘earnest’ earnest (adjective) Synonyms: unfeigned, ardent, sincere, fervent, impassioned, zealous, intent earnest (noun) Synonyms: sincerity, seriousness, good faith, […]

Dictionary August 12, 2023 August 12, 2023 adjective, ardent, fervent, foretaste, good faith, handsel, impassioned, intent, noun, pledge, seriousness, sincere, sincerity, token, unfeigned, zealous

Definitions of ‘cordial’ cordial (adjective) Synonyms: hearty, sincere, affectionate, strengthening, invigorating, cheering

Dictionary July 3, 2023 July 3, 2023 adjective, affectionate, cheering, hearty, invigorating, sincere, strengthening

Definitions of ‘artless’ artless (adjective) Synonyms: ingenuous, naïve, guileless, simple, sincere, unaffected, undesigning

Dictionary May 2, 2023 May 2, 2023 adjective, guileless, ingenuous, naïve, simple, sincere, unaffected, undesigning

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adjective, guileless, ingenuous, naïve, simple, sincere, unaffected, undesigning
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