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Definitions of ‘strong’ strong (adjective) Synonyms: [[firm]], tough, [[enduring]], hale, [[sound]], [[robust]], [[hardy]], durable, puissant, [[powerful]], [[mighty]], [[invincible]], impregnable, irresistible, […]

Dictionary May 13, 2024 May 13, 2024 able-bodied, adjective, alcoholic, ardent, athletic, brawny, cogent, conclusive, convincing, dazzling, determined, drastic, durable, eager, effective, enduring, firm, forcible, fortified, glaring, hale, hardy, impetuous, impregnable, influential, intense, intoxicating, invincible, irresistible, lusty, mighty, muscular, piquant, potent, powerful, puissant, pungent, racy, rank, robust, sinewy, sound, spirituous, stalwart, stanch, stout, strapping, strenuous, strong-smelling, sturdy, tenacious, thewy, tough, unwavering, urgent, valid, vehement, vigorous, violent, virile, vivid, zealous

Definitions of ‘spicy’ spicy (adjective) Synonyms: [[aromatic]], [[fragrant]], [[piquant]], [[pungent]], [[sharp]]

Dictionary April 30, 2024 April 30, 2024 adjective, aromatic, fragrant, piquant, pungent, sharp

Definitions of ‘smart’ smart (verb) Synonyms: [[sting]], [[prick]], suffer smart (adjective) Synonyms: acute, [[bright]], [[clever]], [[apt]], [[brilliant]], [[gifted]], [[talented]], precocious, […]

Dictionary April 21, 2024 April 21, 2024 acute, adjective, agile, apt, bright, brilliant, brisk, clever, elegant, energetic, fashionable, forcible, fresh, gifted, intense, keen, lively, nimble, poignant, precocious, pretentious, prick, pungent, smacking, sting, suffer, talented, trim, verb, vigorous

Definitions of ‘sharp’ sharp (adjective) Synonyms: [[pointed]], trenchant, incisive, [[keen]], [[poignant]], [[piercing]], acute, [[penetrating]], [[severe]], excruciating, [[intense]], [[subtile]], [[violent]], [[biting]], […]

Dictionary April 8, 2024 April 8, 2024 abrupt, acrid, acrimonious, acuminous, acute, adjective, apt, astute, biting, bright, clever, close, cutting, discerning, eager, exacting, excruciating, fierce, fiery, high-seasoned, incisive, ingenious, intense, keen, long-headed, peaked, penetrating, perspicacious, piercing, piquant peppery, poignant, pointed, precipitous, pungent, resourceful, ridged, sagacious, sarcastic, severe, shrewd, shrill, smart, steep, subtile, trenchant, unquenchable, violent

Definitions of ‘racy’ racy (adjective) Synonyms: fine-flavored, [[pungent]], [[rich]], [[spirited]], [[piquant]], fresh and lively Antonyms: insipid, [[vapid]], [[tasteless]], [[flavorless]], [[dull]], […]

Dictionary February 23, 2024 February 23, 2024 adjective, fine-flavored, fresh and lively, piquant, pungent, rich, spirited

Definitions of ‘poignant’ poignant (adjective) Synonyms: pricking, piercing, pungent

Dictionary February 8, 2024 February 8, 2024 adjective, piercing, pricking, pungent

Definitions of ‘piquant’ piquant (adjective) Synonyms: pungent, spicy, racy, lively

Dictionary February 4, 2024 February 4, 2024 adjective, lively, pungent, racy, spicy

Definitions of ‘peppery’ peppery (adjective) Synonyms: pungent, irascible, hot-tempered, choleric

Dictionary January 28, 2024 January 28, 2024 adjective, choleric, hot-tempered, irascible, pungent

Definitions of ‘hot’ hot (adjective) Synonyms: torrid, sultry, fiery, scalding, scorching, grilling, broiling, tropical, candent, vehement, passionate, irascible, fervid, ardent, […]

Dictionary October 23, 2023 October 23, 2023 acrid, adjective, ardent, broiling, candent, fervid, fiery, grilling, irascible, passionate, piquant, pungent, scalding, scorching, spicy, sultry, torrid, tropical, vehement

Definitions of ‘biting’ biting (adjective) Synonyms: stinging, sharp, cutting, sarcastic, caustic, scathing, bitter, satirical, pungent, piquant, nipping, blasting, erosive, corrosive, […]

Dictionary May 18, 2023 May 18, 2023 acrid, adjective, bitter, blasting, caustic, corrosive, cutting, erosive, mordant, nipping, piquant, pungent, sarcastic, satirical, scathing, sharp, stinging

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acrid, adjective, bitter, blasting, caustic, corrosive, cutting, erosive, mordant, nipping, piquant, pungent, sarcastic, satirical, scathing, sharp, stinging
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