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Definitions of ‘swift’ swift (adjective) Synonyms: [[fleet]], [[rapid]], [[fast]], [[speedy]], [[quick]]

Dictionary May 20, 2024 May 20, 2024 adjective, fast, fleet, quick, rapid, speedy

Definitions of ‘spry’ spry (adjective) Synonyms: [[agile]], [[nimble]], [[quick]], [[brisk]], [[sprightly]], [[alert]]

Dictionary May 4, 2024 May 4, 2024 adjective, agile, alert, brisk, nimble, quick, sprightly

Definitions of ‘speedy’ speedy (adjective) Synonyms: [[swift]], [[quick]], [[fast]], [[rapid]], [[fleet]], [[hasty]], [[hurried]], expeditious

Dictionary April 30, 2024 April 30, 2024 adjective, expeditious, fast, fleet, hasty, hurried, quick, rapid, swift

Definitions of ‘rapid’ rapid (adjective) Synonyms: [[swift]], [[fast]], [[fleet]], expeditious, cursory, [[quick]], [[speedy]], [[hasty]], [[furious]]

Dictionary February 25, 2024 February 25, 2024 adjective, cursory, expeditious, fast, fleet, furious, hasty, quick, speedy, swift

Definitions of ‘prompt’ prompt (adjective) Synonyms: [[quick]], expeditious, ready, punctual, [[timely]]

Dictionary February 16, 2024 February 16, 2024 adjective, expeditious, punctual, quick, ready, timely

Definitions of ‘living’ living (adjective) Synonyms: alive, quick, live, quickening, animating living (noun) Synonyms: life, existence, being, livelihood, sustenance, subsistence, […]

Dictionary December 1, 2023 December 1, 2023 adjective, alive, animating, being, benefice, existence, life, live, livelihood, maintenance, noun, quick, quickening, subsistence, sustenance

Definitions of ‘live’ live (verb) Synonyms: exist, dwell, reside, abide live (adjective) Synonyms: alive, quick, animate, living

Dictionary December 1, 2023 December 1, 2023 abide, adjective, alive, animate, dwell, exist, living, quick, reside, verb

Definitions of ‘hasty’ hasty (adjective) Synonyms: swift, rapid, quick, fast, precipitate, rash, eager, precipitant, cursory, hurried, superficial

Dictionary October 15, 2023 October 15, 2023 adjective, cursory, eager, fast, hurried, precipitant, precipitate, quick, rapid, rash, superficial, swift

Definitions of ‘fast’ fast (adjective) Synonyms: immovable, firm, rigid, impregnable, strong, invincible, invulnerable, fortified, steadfast, faithful, true, permanent, durable, rapid, […]

Dictionary September 2, 2023 September 2, 2023 adjective, adverb, dissipated, dissolute, durable, expeditious, expeditiously, faithful, firm, firmly, fixedly, fleet, fortified, immoral, immovable, immovably, impregnable, invincible, invulnerable, permanent, post-haste, profligate, quick, quickly, rakish, rapid, rapidly, rigid, speedily, speedy, steadfast, strong, swift, swiftly, true, unrestrained, wanton, with celerity

Definitions of ‘alive’ alive (adjective) Synonyms: living, quick, animated, instinct

Dictionary April 23, 2023 April 23, 2023 adjective, animated, instinct, living, quick

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adjective, animated, instinct, living, quick
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