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Definitions of ‘touch’ touch (verb) Synonyms: [[meet]], impinge, graze touch (noun) Synonyms: [[touching]], [[contact]], contiguity, juxtaposition, osculation, tangency, taction, tact, […]

Dictionary June 3, 2024 June 3, 2024 animadversion, censure, contact, contiguity, dash, graze, impalpability, impalpable, impinge, infusion, juxtaposition, meet, noun, osculation, palpability, palpable, palpation, reflection, slur, soupçon, sprinkling, stricture, tact, tactile, tactility, taction, tactual, tangency, touching, verb

Definitions of ‘tender’ tender (adjective) Synonyms: [[delicate]], [[fragile]], [[sensitive]], [[susceptible]], [[pathetic]], [[touching]], [[plaintive]], [[sympathetic]], [[pitiful]], compassionate, [[kind]] Antonyms: tough, [[strong]] […]

Dictionary May 26, 2024 May 26, 2024 adjective, attendant, compassionate, delicate, fragile, kind, noun, offer, overture, pathetic, pitiful, plaintive, present, proffer, proposal, propose, proposition, sensitive, susceptible, sympathetic, touching, verb

Definitions of ‘sad’ sad (adjective) Synonyms: [[sorrowful]], [[pathetic]], [[plaintive]], [[doleful]], [[piteous]], [[lugubrious]], [[rueful]], [[mournful]], [[dismal]], [[funereal]], [[gloomy]], [[melancholy]], [[disconsolate]], dejected, […]

Dictionary March 23, 2024 March 23, 2024 adjective, afflictive, bad, calamitous, dejected, deplorable, dire, disconsolate, dismal, doleful, dull, funereal, gloomy, grave, grievous, lugubrious, melancholy, mischievous, mournful, naughty, pathetic, piteous, plaintive, rueful, saturnine, sober, sombre, sorrowful, subdued, touching, troublesome, vexatious, wretched

Definitions of ‘melting’ melting (adjective) Synonyms: dissolving, thawing, affecting, touching melting (noun) Synonyms: dissolution, liquefaction, fusion, thawing, inteneration, dissipation, colliquation

Dictionary December 17, 2023 December 17, 2023 adjective, affecting, colliquation, dissipation, dissolution, dissolving, fusion, inteneration, liquefaction, noun, thawing, touching

Definitions of ‘contact’ contact (noun) Synonyms: touching, tangency, contingency, impact, juxtaposition, osculation, contiguity, apposition, syzygy

Dictionary June 29, 2023 June 29, 2023 apposition, contiguity, contingency, impact, juxtaposition, noun, osculation, syzygy, tangency, touching

Definitions of ‘concerning’ concerning (preposition) Synonyms: regarding, about, respecting, touching, with reference to

Dictionary June 25, 2023 June 25, 2023 about, preposition, regarding, respecting, touching, with reference to

Definitions of ‘affecting’ affecting (adjective) Synonyms: touching, moving, pathetic, piteous

Dictionary April 20, 2023 April 20, 2023 adjective, moving, pathetic, piteous, touching

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adjective, moving, pathetic, piteous, touching
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