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Encyclopaedia November 11, 2022 March 3, 2023 Cyclopaedia, Cyclopedia, Dictionary, Encyclopaedia, Encyclopedia, Thesaurus

MySQL (/ˌmaɪˌɛsˌkjuːˈɛl/) is a relational database management system (RDBMS) with a client-server model. MySQL uses structured query language (SQL) to […]

Roman March 9, 2023 March 9, 2023 Client-Server, Database, MySQL, Open-Source Software, Oracle, RDBMS, SQL
Relational database management system

A relational database management system (RDBMS) is a set of programs and features that enable you to create, update, administer, […]

Roman March 9, 2023 March 9, 2023 Data, Database, DBMS, Language, Program, RDBMS, Server, SQL

ChatGPT Pronunciation: /ʃæt dʒiː piː tiː/ Introduction: ChatGPT is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI. It represents […]

Roman September 7, 2023 October 5, 2023 AI, AI model, application, artificial intelligence, bot, chat, chatbot, ChatGPT, GPT, language model, NLP, OpenAI, RLHF, service
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pronunciation: /ˌärdəˈfiSHəl inˈteləjəns/ Introduction: Artificial intelligence is a multidisciplinary field of computer science that focuses on creating […]

Roman October 5, 2023 October 5, 2023 AI, artificial intelligence, computer science, computer vision, deep learning, edge AI, GAN, machine learning, NLP, reinforcement learning, robotics, XAI

Definitions of ‘abandon’ abandon (verb) Synonyms: desert, forsake, forego, discard, relinquish, repudiate, waive, renounce, abdicate Antonyms: retain, maintain, continue, cherish […]

Dictionary March 31, 2023 April 4, 2023 Abdicate, Desert, Discard, Forego, Forsake, noun, Relinquish, Renounce, Repudiate, Unrestraint, verb, Waive, Wantonness

Definitions of ‘abandoned’ abandoned (adjective) Synonyms: forsaken, deserted, derelict, castaway, rejected, depraved, reprobate, incorrigible, arrant, graceless, irreformable

Dictionary April 8, 2023 April 8, 2023 adjective, arrant, castaway, depraved, derelict, deserted, forsaken, graceless, incorrigible, irreformable, rejected, reprobate

Definitions of ‘abandonment’ abandonment (noun) Synonyms: desertion, relinquishment, dereliction, reprobation, surrender, evacuation, rejection, abdication Antonyms: retention, continuance, maintenance, persistence

Dictionary April 10, 2023 April 10, 2023 abdication, dereliction, desertion, evacuation, noun, rejection, relinquishment, reprobation, surrender

Definitions of ‘abase’ abase (verb) Synonyms: humble, degrade, dishonor, reduce, humiliate

Dictionary April 11, 2023 April 11, 2023 degrade, dishonor, humble, humiliate, reduce, verb

Definitions of ‘abasement’ abasement (noun) Synonyms: humiliation, reduction, dishonor, degradation, ignominy

Dictionary April 12, 2023 April 12, 2023 degradation, dishonor, humiliation, ignominy, noun, reduction

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degradation, dishonor, humiliation, ignominy, noun, reduction
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