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Definitions of ‘unite’ unite (verb) Synonyms: [[join]], [[combine]], annex, [[associate]], [[link]], [[couple]], [[yoke]], [[splice]], [[consolidate]], [[merge]], amalgamate, [[fuse]], [[confederate]], unify, […]

Dictionary June 21, 2024 June 21, 2024 amalgamate, annex, associate, coalesce, combine, concur, confederate, consolidate, coöperate, couple, fuse, join, link, merge, splice, unify, verb, yoke

Definitions of ‘sort’ sort (noun) Synonyms: [[kind]], [[species]], [[character]], [[description]], [[strain]], [[class]] sort (verb) Synonyms: assort, classify, conjoin, [[choose]], [[select]], […]

Dictionary April 27, 2024 April 27, 2024 accord, agree, associate, assort, character, choose, class, classify, conform, conjoin, consort, cull, description, fraternize, harmonize, kind, noun, select, species, strain, verb

Definitions of ‘partner’ partner (noun) Synonyms: copartner, coadjutor, colleague, associate, confederate, accessory, ally, accomplice, partaker, confrère

Dictionary January 24, 2024 January 24, 2024 accessory, accomplice, ally, associate, coadjutor, colleague, confederate, confrère, copartner, noun, partaker

Definitions of ‘mix’ mix (verb) Synonyms: mingle, blend, combine, concoct, incorporate, amalgamate, commingle, impregnate, commix, compound, intermix, intersperse, interlard, associate, […]

Dictionary December 24, 2023 December 24, 2023 amalgamate, associate, blend, combine, commingle, commix, compound, concoct, consort, fraternize, impregnate, incorporate, interlard, intermix, intersperse, mingle, verb

Definitions of ‘mingle’ mingle (verb) Synonyms: blend, mix, intermix, amalgamate, intermingle, incorporate, consort, associate, fraternize

Dictionary December 21, 2023 December 21, 2023 amalgamate, associate, blend, consort, fraternize, incorporate, intermingle, intermix, mix, verb

Definitions of ‘mate’ mate (noun) Synonyms: companion, associate, friend, chum, crony, compeer, intimate, partner, colleague, match, equal, assistant, subordinate, checkmate […]

Dictionary December 14, 2023 December 14, 2023 assistant, associate, checkmate, chum, colleague, companion, compeer, compete with, cope with, crony, equal, friend, intimate, marry, match, noun, oppose, partner, subordinate, verb, vie with

Definitions of ‘join’ join (verb) Synonyms: connect, couple, unite, combine, associate, add, append, annex, link, conjoin, mortise, dowel, splice, knit, […]

Dictionary November 15, 2023 November 15, 2023 abut, add, annex, append, associate, coalesce, combine, confederate, conjoin, connect, couple, dovetail, dowel, knit, link, mingle, mortise, separate, splice, unify, unite, verb

Definitions of ‘helper’ helper (noun) Synonyms: assistant, ally, auxiliary, supporter, abettor, helpmeet, associate, coadjutor, confederate, deputy, aider, colleague, acolyte, adjuvant, […]

Dictionary October 18, 2023 October 18, 2023 abettor, accessory, accomplice, acolyte, adjuvant, aider, ally, assistant, associate, auxiliary, co-aid, coadjutor, collaborator, colleague, confederate, coöperator, deputy, helpmeet, noun, subsidiary, supporter

Definitions of ‘friend’ friend (noun) Synonyms: wellwisher, intimate, confidante, chum, associate, patron, advocate, adherent, supporter, ally, confrère, Quaker

Dictionary September 22, 2023 September 22, 2023 adherent, advocate, ally, associate, chum, confidante, confrère, intimate, noun, patron, Quaker, supporter, wellwisher

Definitions of ‘coworker’ coworker (noun) Synonyms: colleague, coagent, collaborator, associate

Dictionary July 6, 2023 July 6, 2023 associate, coagent, collaborator, colleague, noun

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