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Definitions of ‘mix’ mix (verb) Synonyms: mingle, blend, combine, concoct, incorporate, amalgamate, commingle, impregnate, commix, compound, intermix, intersperse, interlard, associate, […]

Dictionary December 24, 2023 December 24, 2023 amalgamate, associate, blend, combine, commingle, commix, compound, concoct, consort, fraternize, impregnate, incorporate, interlard, intermix, intersperse, mingle, verb

Definitions of ‘mingle’ mingle (verb) Synonyms: blend, mix, intermix, amalgamate, intermingle, incorporate, consort, associate, fraternize

Dictionary December 21, 2023 December 21, 2023 amalgamate, associate, blend, consort, fraternize, incorporate, intermingle, intermix, mix, verb

Definitions of ‘melt’ melt (verb) Synonyms: dissolve, liquefy, thaw, fuse, soften, blend, swale, colliquate

Dictionary December 17, 2023 December 17, 2023 blend, colliquate, dissolve, fuse, liquefy, soften, swale, thaw, verb

Definitions of ‘fuse’ fuse (verb) Synonyms: melt, liquefy, dissolve, smelt, commingle, blend, amalgamate, intermix

Dictionary September 25, 2023 September 25, 2023 amalgamate, blend, commingle, dissolve, intermix, liquefy, melt, smelt, verb

Definitions of ‘combine’ combine (verb) Synonyms: unite, incorporate, merge, amalgamate, blend, coalesce, confederate

Dictionary June 22, 2023 June 22, 2023 amalgamate, blend, coalesce, confederate, incorporate, merge, unite, verb

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amalgamate, blend, coalesce, confederate, incorporate, merge, unite, verb
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