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Definitions of ‘quack’ quack (noun) Synonyms: [[charlatan]], empiric, pretender, [[mountebank]] quack (adjective) Synonyms: empirical, [[charlatanic]], [[quackish]]

Dictionary February 19, 2024 February 19, 2024 adjective, charlatan, charlatanic, empiric, empirical, mountebank, noun, pretender, quackish

Definitions of ‘mountebank’ mountebank (noun) Synonyms: quack, charlatan, impostor, empiric

Dictionary December 28, 2023 December 28, 2023 charlatan, empiric, impostor, noun, quack

Definitions of ‘experiment’ experiment (noun) Synonyms: test, trial Associated words: empiric, empirical, empiricism, empiristic, tentation

Dictionary August 26, 2023 August 26, 2023 empiric, empirical, empiricism, empiristic, noun, tentation, test, trial

Definitions of ‘cheat’ cheat (noun) Synonyms: fraud, trick, hoax, finesse, imposition, imposture, swindle, humbug, bubble, wile, deception, stratagem, bunko, blind, […]

Dictionary June 11, 2023 June 11, 2023 bamboozle, bamboozler, beguile, bilk, blackleg, blind, bubble, bunko, charlatan, chicanery, counterfeit, cozen, deceiver, deception, defraud, delusion, dupe, empiric, fetch, finesse, fraud, hoax, hocus, hoodwink, humbug, imposition, impostor, imposture, mockery, mountebank, noun, overreach, quack, sharper, stratagem, swindle, swindler, thimblerig, thimblerigger, thimblerigging, trick, trickster, verb, wile

Definitions of ‘charlatan’ charlatan (noun) Synonyms: pretender, quack, impostor, fraud, cheat, mountebank, empiric

Dictionary June 11, 2023 June 11, 2023 cheat, empiric, fraud, impostor, mountebank, noun, pretender, quack

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cheat, empiric, fraud, impostor, mountebank, noun, pretender, quack
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