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Definitions of ‘imposture’ imposture (noun) Synonyms: fraud, imposition, charlatanism, deception

Dictionary October 30, 2023 October 30, 2023 charlatanism, deception, fraud, imposition, noun

Definitions of ‘humbug’ humbug (noun) Synonyms: imposition, hoax, deception, imposture, charlatanism, quackery, cajolery, impostor, deceiver, cheat, charlatan humbug (verb) Synonyms: […]

Dictionary October 24, 2023 October 24, 2023 cajolery, charlatan, charlatanism, cheat, deceive, deceiver, deception, hoax, impose on, imposition, impostor, imposture, noun, quackery, verb

Definitions of ‘fraud’ fraud (noun) Synonyms: imposture, deceit, humbug, duplicity, imposition, chicanery, wile, circumvention, guile, hypocrisy, malversation, graft, surreption Associated […]

Dictionary September 21, 2023 September 21, 2023 chicanery, circumvention, collude, collusion, collusive, connivance, deceit, duplicity, graft, guile, humbug, hypocrisy, imposition, imposture, malversation, noun, surreption, wile

Definitions of ‘deception’ deception (noun) Synonyms: imposition, craft, duplicity, deceit, hoax, fallacy, ruse, imposture, artifice, illusion, prevarication, finesse, dissimulation, cozenage, […]

Dictionary July 18, 2023 July 18, 2023 artifice, coggery, cozenage, craft, deceit, dissimulation, duplicity, fallacy, finesse, hoax, illusion, imposition, imposture, noun, prevarication, ruse, sophistry

Definitions of ‘deceit’ deceit (noun) Synonyms: deception, imposition, trickery, chicanery, artifice, delusion, circumvention, guile, duplicity, imposture finesse, dissimulation, cozenage, trumpery, […]

Dictionary July 17, 2023 July 17, 2023 artifice, chicanery, circumvention, cozenage, deception, delusion, dissimulation, duplicity, fallacy, guile, imposition, imposture finesse, noun, trickery, trumpery

Definitions of ‘cheat’ cheat (noun) Synonyms: fraud, trick, hoax, finesse, imposition, imposture, swindle, humbug, bubble, wile, deception, stratagem, bunko, blind, […]

Dictionary June 11, 2023 June 11, 2023 bamboozle, bamboozler, beguile, bilk, blackleg, blind, bubble, bunko, charlatan, chicanery, counterfeit, cozen, deceiver, deception, defraud, delusion, dupe, empiric, fetch, finesse, fraud, hoax, hocus, hoodwink, humbug, imposition, impostor, imposture, mockery, mountebank, noun, overreach, quack, sharper, stratagem, swindle, swindler, thimblerig, thimblerigger, thimblerigging, trick, trickster, verb, wile

Definitions of ‘beguilement’ beguilement (noun) Synonyms: imposition, deception

Dictionary May 14, 2023 May 14, 2023 deception, imposition, noun

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deception, imposition, noun
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